One final scare

After struggling to find a place to stay in an overlander-filled Windhoek, we ended up in the very decent Okarusuvo guesthouse, before heading out to see the South African folk/pop musician Luna, the night before.

In the morning, the car survived, all the way to the airport, even though two tyres were scarily empty by the time we arrived. A morning trip to Chinatown, in search of countless DVDs was fruitless as just a month before, police had raided the area, where Adibas shoes and ‘Casio’ watches were still easily available.

In the evening, we did get our final share of car trouble. Betsy’s car, who had been waiting for us at the long term parking at Johannesburg airport had a dead battery.
Hours after arriving in Jo’burg, we finally headed home.

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