NOF2 – North of France 2

It's always nice to get presents for your birthday. However, I find that a journey almost always leaves a more lasting and satisfying impression than most gifts can. That's why my girlfriend and I decided that, in stead of giving each other presents for our birthdays, we would take a long weekend off, drive around a bit, and chill. My birthday was on September 9th, Vinca's birthday on October 25th. The weekend before her birthday we went away, visiting both Lille and Luxembourg.

Originally, we had bigger plans, visiting more cities and maybe even stopping over in Paris. In the end, it turned out that Lille and Luxembourg are two very good cities to chill. As specially Luxembourg is a wonderful place. I have to admit we were quite lucky with the weather, the sun shining almost constantly, which made it easier for us. And nature looked simply brilliant, the colors of autumn making this financial capital of Europe look like a 3D image from a fairy tale.

So did anything spectacular happen? Well, not really, we basically chilled a lot. Although something worth mentioning did happen. When we enjoyed Mussels-all-you-can-eat, at a restaurant in Lille, the place got fired up a bit, when a mouse decided it was the right time to make a tour of the restaurant. We got free drinks afterwards as compensation.

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