No connection

Being downtown on a Sunday afternoon is almost scary. It’s a bit like being in London’s financial district on a Sunday. Many large buildings, but almost no traffic and no people on the streets.
I went in search for a good Internet cafe today, but found that, really, there are none. Some are better than others and some are more expensive than others, but every cafe suffers from the low bandwith that comes into the country. Supposedly, there’s only 8Mb coming into the country. At home in the Netherlands, I have .7Mb coming into my home!

Loverboyd still didn’t show up today, so Nathalie and I went for dinner the Italian Bakery, talking all sorts of bugs after seeing a huge cockroach setting the terrace on fire. We concluded that cockroaches must have been entertainers in a previous life.
From the shopping center, we walked back to the lodge without a problem and I started to wonder how much crime you really should expect in Zimbabwe.

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