A day at the races

At least I’ve got an office assigned to me, with a direct telephone line. It’s empty, save for three desks, a rickety chair and an old phone. In fact, the phone looked identical to the ‘modern’ phone that was introduced in the Netherlands during the early 80s and when I turned the phone over and looked at the bottom, it said Eigendom PTT Telecommunicatie (Property of PTT Telecom). It was the same phone.
My office is one of the boxes, with a view of the whole stadium, that are supposed to be commentators’ booths. Unfortunately, the windows have been painted white, so I don’t get to see much. The stadium, Chinese built, seems to be in reasonable shape.

After so many vague documents, I was presented a rather concrete list of actions that were thought to be my tasks for the upcoming months. The tasks ranged from the tedious (hardware servicing) to useful (website upgrade). The only task that worried me was building the internal information system. The person I’m supposed to be working with, the person I’m supposed to train in web-building skills and programming is a librarian!

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