Nice Asian, nice
Pretty but stoned
One last picture, and time to return home
In Switzerland, the Geneva lake is a beauty
Benno refuses to believe Joost failed. Again.
Joost tries to score. And fails.
Local beauty
Looking across Torino
In color
Would you like to pet my ferret?
Show offs!
Some frolicky Dutch art
Remember that commercial for the Pentium III?
Always something 2/2
A troop of Americans
Lunch at the seaside
You'll laugh... you'll cry...
An emotional man
The pose
The locals make for an interesting spectacle
Me! Me! Me! Me!
Sad Data
Happy Data
Snow in Brussels
A city, only for people with a higher IQ
It makes you want to pee!
A nice garden, close to the church where they keep the Turin shroud
Praying for Torino
Imagine bumping into this, late at night
To show off our cultural side, a museum
Joost for President!
More fountains…
In the old town
A city of fountains
Data enjoys the church
Russian orthodox church
Joost cherishes the moment
Data is shocked
A lovely couple
Little fella. Or girl?
Hogo enjoys the sun
Up close and personal
Be cool
He eats
Hogo tries to understand whether the floor is of good quality
Kiss and make up
Morning in Nice
Sent back

8 countries, 5 idiots, 4 days, 3 cities.

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