New year on the beach

Ass on show
Smells fishy
Hey lady
Fly away little bird
Lonely crow
Waiting... for what?
Fish herders
Herding fish
Fish herders
Ass tastic
Lonely boat
Going out to sea
Coming up
In waiting
Showing off
The red does it
Beauty and the beach
A lady in the surf
On the beach
Straightening out

Niamh is more of a beach lover than I am, hence the fact that during my two years in Thailand, I not once visited one of the country's beaches. Now, with Zanzibar being a major destination for beach holidays, I didn't really have a choice, and so I arranged for us to spend the new year on the beach.
Our destination, Kendwa, almost on the northern tip of the island, saw us spend three nights at the Mocco Beach Villa. Way overpriced at 60 dollars per room per night, but still one of the cheaper venues in the area, with a kilometer or so of coastline being hugged by a series of resorts, their backs sealed off from the village by a 2.5 meter high wall. For some reason, there are so many Italians, at all the resorts, that most signs are in Italian. The many Masai, who run the little shops selling paintings and jewelry, all speak Italian before English.

We entered the new year at Kendwa Rocks, the more opulent resort here at Kendwa, where a full moon party was scheduled, complete with live music and funky DJs.
The party, rather busy and reasonably well organized, was livened up by someone dropping a canister of tear gas. Everyone poured out faster than when the place had been on fire. A teary start of the new year.

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