More Carnac and Quimper

Since our tour of Carnac would only start at 5pm, we had some time to visit the city which, according to some, is the spirit of Brittany. Quimper isn’t too bad, but I can’t say it was that special. Of course, the, what seemed like, millions of tourists didn’t help.

The tour of Carnac in the early evening was nice enough. However, what I was afraid of happened. The general message of the tour was that the collection of alignments in and around Carnac is very interesting and impressive, but no-one really knows who, why or how.

Trying to get away from the beaches, stuck in heavy traffic (or rather, mild traffic on one way streets), we stopped for dinner at a restaurant which turned out to be very popular with the locals. Why? God knows. They almost only served ‘Galettes’, local-style pancakes, at inflated prices.
At least the ‘bouchon’ had gone by the time we left the restaurant.

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