Long short journey

Me & my senior

A long journey for such a short distance. From the hotel in Bangkok, we walked to the nearest metro station, from where we took the subway to a connecting skytrain station. From there, the skytrain took us to the end of the line, where we switched to a cross river ferry, which turned out to be something of a tourist boat. After getting of the impromptu river cruise some 25 minutes later, we walked to where the train station used to be, where we ended up taking a shared taxi to the temporary location of the train station. The train then took us on a journey to Kanchanaburi station, from where we walked to our hostel.
As the crow flies, the whole distance is less than 200km. The whole trip took us close to eight hours.

Kanchanaburi, the site of the actual bridge on the river Kwai, is a bit touristy.

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