Language lessons

Yes, Betsy and I are doing language lessons again. Not for my next assignment, but because we feel like it. The language? Farsi. Yes, we are learning Farsi.

Some weeks ago, Betsy was working at the Oegstgeest branch of the ABN AMRO, when an older Persian lady walked in. They started talking and within minutes, Betsy and myself were invited for language lessons. The lady used to teach, but is now retired. I suppose she’s a bit bored, or feels she has some good deeds to do.

The lesson today wasn’t very hard, although Betsy struggled a bit. We only learned six, or so, letters and four words. Not a very impressive start, but still.

Over the past years, I started teaching myself a couple of times, but time and again, I stopped rather quickly. Let’s see what happens now.

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