Geekcorps reloaded

Unfortunately, Geekcorps seems to be in the process of dying a slow death. The organization with which I’ve been working in Ghana and Mongolia is being swallowed by IESC, the organization they partnered with some years ago. Now, with internal changes inside the IESC, Geekcorps is no longer heading in the direction any of the current employees wishes for it to go.

Ethan Zuckerman, Geekcorps founder, already quit earlier this year, after he had long since stepped down as ‘CEO’. This year, all the current employees at the head office in North Adams will quit their jobs.
Too bad.

Meanwhile, Ethan has moved to even bigger projects (he’s a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, doesn’t that sound cool?) and he made the frontpage of Slashdot, once more.
This time, he’s talking about how blogs and bloggers can be grassroots news collectors. If all goes well.


Meanwhile, Betsy, Joost, Neha and I are about to visit Edinburgh for the weekend. Anything to escape the little work I have to do.

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