Kool Kotor

The lone man's favorite truck
Homer says...
Overlooking the bay of Kotor
I'm a tree
Looking down
Ready to roll
City walls
In the camera
Under the sun
Whitesnake and ABBA, finally together
Walking by
Top of the world!
Good morning Kotor!
A lone bike on the streets of Kotor, Montenegro
In Kotor

With the sun coming out on our last day, effectively creating a thirty degree centigrade gap between the start and finish of our Balkan trip, it's obvious this region was under Italian, or rather Venetian, control for some 400 years. These people look Italian, they dress Italian, they act somewhat Italian and Kotor has an Italian feel to it. Or rather, the look and feel is that of what we would associate with Italian.

With the sun making a comeback, it's also obvious that the bay of Kotor is totally gorgeous. Kilometer high mountains surrounding a deep blue bay with centuries old settlements along its shores.
Apparently, in summer, Kotor and many of the other towns on the Montenegrin coast become hotbeds for youthful debauchery, but on this sunny winter's day, sitting on Kotor's main square, in the shade if the city walls, is pure bliss.
It's a pity the hangover incurred after a night at Bandiera isn't helping.

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