K3 live in concert

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One has to be Dutch to understand how cute it is to hear Flemish girls speak. Yes, they speak Dutch and no, it is NOT the same.

Now imagine having three Flemish women in their late twenties, pretending to be little girls (pony tails, short skirts, the whole deal) singing Dutch songs aimed at pre-teens. Is this your ultimate sexual fantasy or what?

My girlfriend's niece, who's a pre-teen girl, is crazy about Kristel, Kathleen and Karen (geddit?) and her parents had taken her out to see K3 in Scheveningen, just 20km from where we live. Only problem is, they themselves live some 300km away from Scheveningen. They asked if they could stay and invited us to the party. We went, my girlfriend's niece had a great time, I was stupified. Not only were K3 there, they were supported by some 8 ballet dancing teens. What a concert.

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