Hind, belly dancers, nargileh and a possible career change

We spent the evening at the Holland Casino in Rotterdam. Almost exactly a year ago, we visited the same place to enjoy a kickass concert by Boney M.
This time, we wanted to visit the casino for it being an interesting theme night. The theme? Eid ul-Fitr, the muslim celebration at the end of Ramadan. Also, the Dutch Idol Hind was going to perform, as were several belly dancers.

Hind wasn’t much of a show, but the belly dancers were nice. But the free snacks and nargileh (water pipe) were what made our evening.
Also, we ended up talking to Rogier and Patrick and discussed what might become a significant career change of mine. Don’t worry, you’ll read about it here first.


The Technical University Delft made it onto the BBC news website, by creating the largest digital image ever.
Not so long ago, I had already seen what was the largest digital image before the TU Delft did their thing, here.
Max Lyons, the guy responsible for what is considered to be the first gigapixels image has created some very beautiful panoramic images.

So I was expecting quite something from ‘my’ university, here. But I was quite disappointed. Not only is the image rather uninteresting (a view of the university campus from the university’s tallest building), but it’s full of artefacts any decent panorama photographer would take pains to remove: floating torsos, half cars and more. The stuff that creeps into your stitched panoramas when an object resides on the border of two adjacent pictures.

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