The coolest commercial ever

Transformers are back, and they’re French cars. Check out the coolest commercial ever. Well, at least this year’s coolest commercial.


Yes, those statues are still around here somewhere. Well, in fact, they’re occupying most of our living room, but who’s counting.
Today, I made my first sell through the Internet. GRAIN, a Dutch graphical design agency needed some statues that are going to be handed out as trophees and they wanted the trophees to be ‘different’. They ended up buying eight statues. Very good indeed.
What’s funny is that the trophees are going to be presented to companies in South Africa, who’ve generated over $500.000 in revenue over a set time. Most probably, the people working at these companies can buy these statues just around the corner, for a fraction of the cost they’re now sold at. Just the double shipping (from Zimbabwe to Holland to South Africa) is quite hilarious.

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