Happy New Year!

Yes, a happy new year to you.

Yesterday evening, new year’s eve, was spent with Benno, Joost, Neha and Wong. As usual, Wong phoned me only a few days before, to ask what I was doing come new year’s eve. Originally, I had wanted to be abroad, but Betsy didn’t like my offer of going to Paris, so we stayed at home, inviting some friends. Wong was very welcome.

We didn’t do much, playing ‘Dancing Stage’ and eating and drinking a lot. After 12, we started watching Lemony Snicket’s… but within minutes, Joost, Neha and Wong had fallen asleep.
To keep the spirits alive, we decided to play a bit of Mafia, without a doctor and sheriff, but Neha and Wong were too inactive to really make for a good game. Joost, however, when mafia, couldn’t stop talking.

Wong, Joost and Neha stayed for the night and in the morning, or rather, afternoon, we basically continued eating and drinking, playing ‘Het drankenkabinet’, a game similar to Trivial Pursuit, but only with booze related questions.

Back in Budapest, at the very beginning of this year, Joost spilled Champagne all over himself and we decided that meant that 2004 was going to be HIS year. Considering he picked up Neha (or maybe this was the other way around, but who’s counting), this prediction turned out to be true.
Now, one year on, I predict that if Neha and Joost are still together by the end of the year, which I suspect they will be, they will have set a date for marriage, most likely in 2006.

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