The floating nun

I am lion, hear me roar
Contemplating buddha
Looking out
Victory is mine!

Struggling with saddle pain after having rented a bicycle for two days. We visited a second POW cemetery, just outside of Kanchanaburi, had lunch at probably the best pastry shop in the region, Srifa, near the bus station, and then went in search for the floating nun. The Lonely Planet let us down, supplying incorrect information on several fronts, but in the end we found the right wat (temple). Some 7 kilometers out of town, a fat Thai women floats in a pool the size of a bubble bath and strikes meditating poses.
Apparently, she's the apprentice of the original floating nun, who, it is said, meditated while floating in a pool of water. The current one, who doesn't seem to actually be a nun as she's got a thick mop of hair where nuns tend to be bald, bobs around in a specially created bath and her actions are more comical than heavenly. Unintentional, I'm sure.

Close to the cemetery, we bought a drink from a vendor who had a squirrel on a two meter long chain as a pet. In the evening, enjoying 10B shooters at an outside bar, we sat next to a Thai who had a big black scorpion as a pet, not tied to any rope or chain, the animal freely walking around on the owner's body.

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