Gut feeling

I have a gut feeling this post will be the very last one this year. I wonder how come…

So what have I been up to? Well, I suppose it’s cucumber time, so nothing much has happened. Spent Christmas day with Betsy at her parents and Boxing day with my parents, nothing special.

Did I mention I’ve now got a Gmail account? I’ve got some invites, and everyone already seems to have their own Gmail account. If you’re one of the unlucky few, I might be able to help you out.

Visited Amsterdam on Wednesday to get a small training of the offerings of eZ publish, the CMS I’m trying to understand and run with (not currently online at this URL). It’s a very decent package, with some very nice features. Still, there are also numerous ‘features’ I would have liked to be different.

On Afghanistan, getting there is still a slow process. With a little bit of luck, I will leave Holland late January, maybe early February. A round trip ticket will cost no less then some 2000 euros.
However, I did manage to obtain a tiny budget to get some Farsi speech training.

And then there’s the disaster in south east Asia. Terrible. But what’s quite annoying is that no-one seems to realise that last year’s earthquake, also on Boxing day, in Bam, Iran, where 30-40.000 people died and some 75.000 were rendered homeless was a disaster in similar size. Considering this happened in just one town, the 120.000 people who are now said to have died in south east Asia, in an area the size of, literally, a quarter of the world, seems like a relatively small amount.
You can still make donations for ‘the cause’ in Iran.

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