Great news!

Two minutes ago, I received the best news this year so far. And I’ll think it’ll go a LONG way: My birth certificate arrived at the Iranian embassy.
I need the birth certificate for my upcoming trip to Zimbabwe. For some reason those people need a translated and certified copy. But what’s much, MUCH, more is that, with my birth certificate, I’ll be able to pick up an Iranian passport, with which I’ll be able to visit Iran! Woohooooo!

I visited the Iranian embassy in The Hague in August. With my old birth certificate (from before the revolution), I wanted to pick up a passport. The birth certificate had to be renewed first, which, they said, would take three to four months. It took five.
Over the past months, when people asked, I reassured them that, surely, it would arrive sooner or later, although the one who needed reassurance the most was myself. Without a birth certificate, you’re technically a non-entity and I didn’t feel comfortable keeping this in mind.

So, if, for any reason, Zimbabwe is postponed even more, it seems I’ll have a nice trip up ahead.

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