Grease is the word

After getting a new laptop, I went ahead and got another one. Within a week, the DVD player broke down and I managed to get a replacement. With the replacement, I also acquired a faulty-priced (to my advantage) wireless LAN adapter. Of course, there's one built into the laptop, but the signal I use is too weak for the laptop to pick it up inside the house and I don't always want to sit on the porch when using the net. Particularly at night, when it's still friggin' cold.
Meanwhile, my Sony photo camera might also need to be replaced. The lens protector isn't really opening and closing the way it should.
So you see, I'm having a great time down here.

We had a locksmith stop by this week to put an extra lock on the back door, the one the burglars forced to get in. The guy, early 20s, had a few interesting things to tell, one of which was that when the security guards go on strike, which they do quite regularly, actually, they, the locksmiths, have no work. Then, as soon as the guards start working again, the locksmiths can get back to work too. Of course, the implication is that break-ins are initiated 'from the inside'.
Also, the guy persistently called the burglars 'blackies'. Not politically correct by a long shot, but probably correct anyway.

On Saturday, we had the first official, informal DDR ZA meet, in Menlyn Park in Pretoria. Not that we had too big of a turnout, with only three guys, but still, it's a start.

Betsy and I went back to Menlyn Park on Sunday, today, for a showing of Grease, the musical. Nice, but not great. A mix of the movie and the original theatre production, we saw this show at the Barnyard theatre in Menlyn park, a large mall in Pretoria, or Tshwane, as it more often is called.

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It's a nice show, of course, and the theatre was quite small, so there was a nice cosy feeling to it. However, the sound quality wasn't all too good, the actors not too easy to understand. And no, it wasn't in Afrikaans.
Also, I had the feeling that most actors were relying too much on routine, not giving their best performance, except maybe for the guy playing Vince Fontaine.