Getting to grips

Flower street

I’m slowly getting to grips with the situation here. So far, I’ve created a reasonably extensive list with a lot of IT related points of interest, DACAAR should consider changing. These range from installing anti-virus software on ALL PCs to moving to a true client/server environment.

On a different level, it’s a pity I’m having too much trouble understanding Dari and, therefore, using my Farsi. I now know what the problem is: The Afghanis just speak too fast, like to mumble and often contract words, making it very difficult to hear what actually is being said.

Yesterday, DACAAR, made a big decision that will cause some waves over the next couple of weeks. I was asked by the ever friendly Alexandra to take the information off, from my blog, because this major decision hasn’t been finalised yet. Later… more…
The reason? Before I forget: changing requirements from the DACAAR sponsors…

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