Getting tired

The course Betsy and I are on is tiring me. It's too much of the same. Close to four weeks, three sessions of about three hours a day for five days a week. It's too much. I'm getting bored.

Not that the sessions are totally uninteresting (today we had a session on teambuilding and a session on the history of Africa with a session on the Dutch government policy in relation to development support still to come), but it's just too much of the same!

On a side note, the pocket camera ("L'espion") Betsy gave me for my birthday last year seems to have died. But on a more positive note, the video camera (Canon MVX100i) I bought for a project I'm working on is a killer.

Never the same again

The documentary "Never teh same again" is only three years old and already hopelessly dated. This documentary details Zimbabwe's growth towards democracy between 1980 and 2000. The film ends on a positive note, after elections where the opposition party MDC won a fair amount of the votes.

However, as we now know, during 2001 and 2002, lots of civil unrest, supported and sustained by the Mugabe government took place, showing that, in fact, during the last two decades, Zimbabwe has moved away from democracy with the positive twists and turns in 2000 being just an exception, not a trend.

What was interesting was that in this documentary, shot before Mugabe kicked out all foreign journalists, many 'important' people were interviewed on camera. People like Tsvangirai, Ncube and Ncube, Nkomo and many others.

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