BBC… almost?

Darn it! Seems I could have made it to BBC radio today. I got a call on my cellphone during training this afternoon in relation to a piece on Zimbabwe that ‘Africa Live’ is airing tonight. Of course, my phone was off so they left a message, saying they might call later on. Haven’t heard from them yet, however…
I did make it to the relevant page on the BBC website.

Yesterday evening, we had a session on the role of ‘the’ Dutch development worker abroad. Although the subject wasn’t all that enlighting, the way it was discussed, was. The style is called ‘Open Space’ and allows for any topic to be discussed at any time by anyone who’s interested.
With basic rules (like “the people you talk to are the right people”, “it’s over when it’s over”, “whatever you discuss is the right subject”, etc.) it creates an environment where you end up talking about subjects you’re actually interested in, without having to listen to or participate in discussions you don’t want to hear anything about.
A reasonable overview of Open Space can be found here.

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