Get out of here!

The main airport in Cyprus is Larnaka international airport. In 1974, after the occupation by the Turks, the Greek Cypriots hurriedly built a new one at Lefkara, and it shows. The airport area is nothing more than one large hangar with some desks along its walls. The airport gives new meaning to the word ‘basic’.

The one good thing about organized trips is that they are, well, organized. We went through customs, picked up our bags, were welcomed by a hostess, were guided to our transfer bus, were welcomed at our hotel and invited for the next morning’s meeting with our wonderful guide. Of course, we didn’t go. A few hours of organized travel is all I can take.

We had no clue, before we arrived at our hotel, where exactly the hotel would be located. Although we knew it would be in, or close to, Larnaka, it could be either in the city itself, or in the uninteresting tourist strip to the north. It turned out to be the tourist strip, not really within walking distance of the city center, 8 kilometers away. And of all the people that were on the chartered airplane, our hotel was one of the closest to the town center! There was only one option left: we had to get some transport.

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