Expensive shit

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There is no refund for a wrongly purchased product
Ancient ice cream

Thailand is cheap, at most standards. Dinner, I often get for some 50 eurocents or less. A coke is 20 to 30 cents. A big western brunch won't cost more than 3 euros.

Last week, Felicia struggled past yet another 29, which needed to be celebrated. And we did so at the Chedi, possibly the classiest hotel in Chiang Mai.
The venue, right on the river bank, is quite nice, the food wasn't bad and the wine was good… at 50 euros a bottle. Indeed, we walked away, 55 euros lighter. Each. Indeed, we had dinner and drinks, but nothing over the top, in Thailand for 55 euros a head. Expensive shit.

Oh we also had live music and a birthday cake. On the house.

Fun stuff

I've come across a few good memes on the web recently. Today is the day, a messed up orange, things that Rick Astley would never do, relgions' golden rule and two nice videos. The first on Americans being not stupid, the second a music video clearly endorsing Obama. In Bollywood.

I also realised that Rick Astley and my friend Michiel Roesink (right) were separated at birth.



Bonus: Motivational posters.

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