Eat and run

Kids on a manmade dune
Look at you!
In the middle
Happy faces
Three kids
Museum of natural history

After a more relaxed Sunday run, with a clouded sky and a pleasant breeze, I went and had dinner at Zambezia, a place across the road from Fatima’s and the exact same place where, three years ago, I enjoyed a surprise serving of butter. Now, the menu no longer consisted of individual items, but of actual meals. It was good.
At the table next to me, a local black couple were enjoying dinner, drinking wine, where the wine was stored in a metal bucket filled with ice. High class dining, obviously. When the wine was finished, they turned the carton upside down in the bucket. Yes, a carton.

This was not my first visit to Maputo, nor was it my first visit to Fatima’s. Three years ago, I created the portal On our Southern Africa Tour I did some guerrilla marketing for the website. A promotional sticker on one of Fatima’s walls was still there.

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