The past seven days, I almost went completely without drinking alcohol. That is, Jocie believed I wouldn’t be able to and dared me. Since I know I can, I wasn’t interested in not drinking for the fun of it, so I wanted to wager a bet. If only she could come up with something worth betting over. She didn’t, and there was no bet. Still, I figured I had been drinking quite a bit over the past months, since I averaged about half to a whole bottle, every day.
It’s a good thing there was no wager though. Friday night, the birthday of the queen was celebrated at the Steppe Inne, the bar at the British Embassy. Besides free samosas, they also had free drinks. For me that meant a pleasant quantity of whiskey. Then, we had a hash weekend. Which meant beer and several bottles of vodka. It was one bottle of vodka that kept me on my legs during our Saturday morning, five our hike.
But I decided not to drink for the rest of the week, until our departure for Khovsgol, giving myself an exemption for the Tuesday hash, where I drank two cans of beer.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been so bored. Nothing really interested me and the biggest kick I got was from working; programming and designing. Worrying, perhaps, but interesting.
I finished the intranet application for Capital Bank today and the Internet application should be a breeze. FIFTA isn’t going as smoothly however, It is simply too much work. I might have to reconsider the goals and see where I can get them over the next six weeks.

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