Dead and gone
Lonely wheel
Kamta, Lila and Betsy
Three on the steps
Shake it

At Peperpot, lanti (the government) used to grow cocoa and coffee. A while ago, the area was sold off to private investors and still, on a small scale, coffee and cocoa are grown there. Due to the bad shape of the plant and the high cost of processing the raw materials, it's no longer possible to market the products professionally. However, middle men buy the produce and sell it in town. In a couple of supermarkets, it is possible to buy Peperpot coffee.

Kamta had taken out the pickup to drive us around. We had met Kamta and Lila while at 'Op weg naar zee', were we had witnessed a Hindu cremation. On the road to Peperpot, the sides were littered with Coffee, cocoa, mango and many exotic fruits just growing in the wild. Kamta decided we had to taste them all.
When he noticed a group of ripe cocoa beans, he had to take them down. Quite an issue, since they were hanging right next to a bunch of busy bees. It took him a while and five bites, but we did get our cocoa beans.

We had agreed to meet Kamta and Lila at Tangelo's, a hip coffee shop in the Paramaribo nightlife district. When we arrived, I decided to have a filling breakfast and went in to order.
When I came back out, Kamta and Lila had arrived and it turned out they were not only taking us to Peperpot and Marienburg, but also to both their parents. I was happily munching away my three sandwiches when they said that both their parents had made roti and snacks for us. After visiting Kamta's parents, the second social visit of the day, Betsy and I just barely had enough power to get into the pickup. At the apartment, my girlfriend rolled me inside.

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