Driehoek koelie koekkie

If you *can* read Dutch, the above refers to a samosa. Andrew enlightened me with the frase last night, after the hash, getting stone drunk at Da Vinci’s, a reasonably classy bar at Sam Levy’s village in Borrowdale.

Repo man

Mugabe is the good ol’ repo man again. Last Friday’s Herald had a list of some 150 farms which, too, are now up for grabs.


My counterpart quit her job on April first and, finally, the SRC managed to get an ad in Sunday’s ‘Sunday Mail’. It appears they want to get a highly qualified individual without paying a reasonable salary for the job.
What’s also interesting is this. One guy who works at the SRC as something of a messenger boy actually has an IT degree. However, SRC hotshots didn’t want to internally move him around because ‘that would create a vacancy somewhere else’. Now, this guy will also apply for the job.
I counted 7 spelling or grammatical errors in the ad. Also, the candidate has to submit a handwritten application.

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