Domboshawa cave

Last night, we went down to Westgate shopping center, to watch 'Cold Mountain', a mediocre movie at best, where Renee Zellweger, in a supporting role, steals the show. In the parking lot, locals were collecting the many locusts jumping and flying around for frying and eating. Apparently, they're tasty.

We saw more of the countryside today by going down to Domboshawa cave, not far from Harare. A short walk over a kopje gets you to the cave, where you can see some rock paintings of people, elephants, deer, rhinos and more.

On our way back, we stopped at the Spar at Borrowdale Brook. Borrowdale Brook is one of the more exclusive neighborhoods and a gated community. This Spar (there are currently about 75 Spars in Zimbabwe) opened its doors only in April and is amazing. Besides selling ready made food from large and shiny copper pans, they have a very extensive pastry selection, foreign wines, whiskeys and cigars. Lots of fresh and frozen fish and good chocolate (a true rarity in this country). And everything was amazingly clean. Also quite a rarity in this country.

In the evening, we got lucky. Some AVs (Africa Volunteers) had arrived and Darlington made dinner for them, which we were allowed to enjoy too.


Ivor pointed me to an interesting news story on There is mention there of a 'new' sports information center at the SRC office in Harare, financed by Canada. Although the sports information center was indeed financed largely by Canada, only some of the facilities mentioned in the article are actually available. What's even funnier, the website cites (the SRC website) as the source of the article. However, the center was established about a year ago already.

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