Diksmuide: city of the dead

Memorial in Diksmuide
War graves

Diksmuide has one tourist attraction; an 84 meter high tower commemorating the dead of the first world war. We missed it completely.

Musing around the friendly city center, fully rebuilt after the city was completely thrashed during the first world war, we only managed to drink an ice coffee and visit one of the nearby war graves.

A second tourist ‘attraction’, that we also missed completely, is the Trench of Death, which, during the Great War, the Belgians where able to hold on to.

Rough and tumble

Totally overpowered by the numerous dead found along the way, mainly in war graves, the four of us decided to get drunk before starting our trip back. Still having in our possession three bottles of Johnny, a tray of beer and four pints of pure alcohol made that a lot easier than you might have thought.

The drive back to Brussels was an adventurous one. It’s only a 90 minute drive from Diksmuide to Brussels, but somehow, we where able to do it in 55 minutes. Strangely enough though, during the whole trip, cars where driving straight towards us, flashing their head lights. We did dial the local version of 911, warning that numerous ‘ghost drivers’ where active on the route to Brussels.

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