Car-less Brussels

Place Justice, view of Brussels

We had chosen our weekend to visit Brussels well. Brussels was having a weekend where all architectural interesting buildings were open to visitors. And since Brussels has a lot of Art Nouveau, there was something to see everywhere we went.
Also, as with two other major cities in the country, the town was having a ‘car-less’ Sunday. Meaning that nearly no cars were out on the streets. Not that the streets were safe now; everyone was moving around on bikes, roller blades or skate boards. Fast.

The weather was fantastic and I hoped to be able to shoot several panorama pictures that I would stitch together at home. I did take the pictures, but every place was literally littered with people, so some of the panoramas will come out rather strange.
The whole city was also crawling with ‘Giros’, boy and girl scouts in many different colorful clothes. On the Grand Place, one group asked if we could join them in a little dance. We did and we only felt mildly stupid.

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