Old friends and loads of Duvels

Bob, whom I knew from Mongolia last year, has been working in Armenia since, occasionally flying through
Brussels to get to the US, where his kids live.
This time, the plan was to meet him and his wife in that European capital of capitals and enjoy a good night of drinking. And we easily succeeded.

We started at three in the afternoon, on the town’s Grand Place, which was even more busy as usual due to the bagpipe folklore festival that was going on and the beer (and wine) tents that had been erected here and were selling very reasonably priced alcoholic beverages.

Of course, we had dinner in Da Kao II (the new brother of Da Kao, which is undergoing renovations) and mostly hung around the place St. Gery. Later, we wanted to go to De Markten, or at least the area around Place St. Catherine, but the heavy rain convinced us otherwise.

The Duvels flowed freely and we stumbled into bed after three in the morning ending a good 12 hours. A short night’s sleep later, we were already enjoying a very decent buffet breakfast at the hotel Van Belle, where I had booked a discount room only last week.

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