Acculturatie cursus

Today marked the start of Betsy and mine ‘Acculturatie cursus’. Something of a training that should make us more familiar with having to live in a different culture.

The training lasts for three weeks, in Utrecht. During the week, we are expected to stay in Utrecht, on site at the Henry Kraemer Institute (HKI), where the training is being held.

The first day was still quite relaxing. Getting to know the other participants, we’re 9 in total, getting to know our trainers and watching two documentaries in the evening.

Melanie Bartels, the girl who’s website I made earlier this year and is now working in Israel, was sent there through the same organization as me. She followed the same training here in Utrecht and already warned me that many of the ‘students’ here have a very Christian background.
Lucky for me, only one person in the group is being sent out through a true mission and even then, she appears to be friendly.
The others don’t seem to be particularly religious.

And, on a side note, I got a phonecall that my video camera finally arrived in Amsterdam. It should be in Delft near the end of the week…

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