Business not so usual

I’m in Uganda on a business trip. Yes, worse things happen.

Testing the quality of the connection and the computer in the internet where I’m going to give a training later in the week, two white missionaries came in to check their mail. Really, do Ugandans need to be converted?
85 percent of the population is christian, 12 percent is muslim. To illustrate this, we started Thursday’s partnership meeting with a prayer by reverent Sam.
Perhaps to illustrate this again, minutes later, a cockroach crawled into the bag of the participant next to me.

Surprisingly, there are lots of motorcycle taxis in Kampala. I almost feel like I’m in Thailand. Likewise, quite a few people mix up their ‘l’s and ‘r’s.
Really, where am I?


In other news, it’s good to see Beeldenstad has inspired a copycat.

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