Brushes with fame?

First of all, a belated happy new year.

I know, I know, I’m not that active anymore on my blog. I suppose the main reason is that I don’t have that much to say. Let’s call it a “Blogger’s block”.

Having said that, I *have* been putting my thoughts on paper (well, screen) in relation to my father passing away in November last year. I think it could be interesting enough for a book, were it not that I should put more thoughts on paper or screen to make for a reasonable amount of pages. Then again, maybe I’ll publish it online instead, the big advantage being that, then, I can combine the text with many of the pictures. Pictures I took myself, but also some of the 700 or so I took with me from my father.

Meanwhile, back in Delft, I already knew that Polle Eduard works out at Jan Koster, my fitness hang out for over ten years.
Now, it turns out that yet another ‘famous’ musician from Delft also works out there. No other than Jodie Bernal! The poor guy doesn’t even have a website, even though there’s a totally crappy fan site out there.

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