No corkscrew

A full #group in #bunyoni
The #view of lake #bunyoni
The #view of lake #bunyoni
At #breakfast
It's the al shabab razor! Gets rid of unwanted bits
Group mugs shot
It's always five o'clock somewhere
#wouter and an old #vw
The #photographer in #block
#wouter and #marlies
#jo, #niamh, #wouter
Breakdown after 50 meters. No joke.
Our transport has arrived
Ready to head down south

Driving around in an ancient Volkswagen van, 8 of us, plus driver, spent the weekend in the far south west of the country, in, on and around lake Bonyonyi. The Volkswagen came courtesy of Kombitours, which organises tours around Uganda in Volkswagen kombis. Their biggest draw being the seating, two benches opposite each other with a table in the middle.

The weekend was excellent, though it seems that expat life has driven most of us to become alcoholics, at least part time. Kabale hasn't changed much since last time, though Edirisa was a good find. On the island, Byoona Amagara is still decent, though the food wasn't always that great and served way, way too slow.

One of our group is a reporter, currently hot on the trail of what's happening in the eastern DRC. Another is a photographer who decided, last minute, to head out to the frontline on the way back from Bonyonyi. Current status: unknown.

And, no, this time we didn't try to embarrass ourselves by landing in the mzungu corkscrew. We simply didn't even try.

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