The Dutch ambassador
The Dutch ambassador

Holland will soon increase its military presence in Afghanistan to over 1000 soldiers. The current Dutch ISAF force is about to leave, the new group has just arrived.
In honor of the departees, the Dutch embassy held a braai today. Although I’m still not on the Dutch mailing list, Martine was so kind as to inform me last Thursday at Ole’s going away party.

At the embassy, I bumped into Julia, who gives yoga classes on Monday’s. She’s something of a cute babelet and married to a Dutch guy, working at the embassy. Today, I also ‘met’ her husband. Quite a boring looking, older, run-of-the-mill Dutchman, complete with gray mustache and a bit of a belly. What a couple.

Last Thursday, our boiler stopped working. Jesper informed logistics at DACAAR, which runs all the staff houses. As a result, we now no longer have a boiler; they took it out. Was a hot shower an improbability before, now it’s an impossibility.

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