An early rise for a nice surprise

We had to get up early to get an early flight, which turned out to be delayed. That’s what you get when you opt for a cheap charter.
The flight was uneventful, but a bit of fun, with a breakfast of two rather old slices of white bread with one slice of ham and one slice of cheese somehow lost in between the two slices of bread (Muslims beware!). The bread was true to the eastern European origins of the air carrier: slightly stale, very dry, not very pleasing, but therefore wonderfully fantastic.
Not so for all occupants, many of whom didn’t even try the sandwich but only ate the chocolate filled cookie which also came with the snack.

Arriving at Varna airport, I was reminded of our trip to Cyprus some years ago, and a while later, arriving at our resort, in the hotel ‘Friendship’, sort of overlooking the Black Sea, I even had flashes of my first real holiday out of the Netherlands sans parents, to Crete. This could just end up being tourist hell/heaven, depending on your personal preferences.
Meanwhile, at the airport, the border guard, slowly flipping through my passport to find an empty page, stamped the very last empty one. Every single page in my passport now has something to show for. Even the two pages that should have remained empty: Mongolians stuck a visa on the page reserved for my offspring and Ghanaian border control stamped a page reserved for additional remarks by the Dutch government.

However, the weather is nice and I’m writing this from the balcony of our room, sipping a glass of champagne we were offered on our arrival by our travel organization, overlooking the Black Sea. There are worse things in life.

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