African food and patented dance

While I was off to Amsterdam, having dinner with some of the people working on ‘Eye on Development’, Betsy went to the EPO, the European Patent Office, to party the night away at this year’s christmas party.

At my end, the plan was to have dinner with all six of us, working on the portal, but only four showed up. A bit of a bummer, considering that the two who didn’t show up were also two people I’ve never seen.

We enjoyed African food at ‘Rendez Vous en Afrique’. I was quite reluctant to get in, having some experience with the African kitchen. The fact that the menu mostly had west-African dishes didn’t make me feel any better.
However, the food was surprisingly good. And affordable. And the Czech waitress was cute too.

Heading back to Rijswijk, where Betsy was partying, I arrived just in time to experience the last 30 minutes of the festivities. Interestingly, we still stayed for some 2 hours, hanging around at the office where Betsy her friends, the ones who had invited us, worked.

Needless to say, almost, Betsy woke up with a stiffling headache.

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