10 reasons to visit Iran… now

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1. Get in before the Americans.
2. The cost. No matter what you’re used to, if you can afford to travel to Iran, it’s nearly impossible to spend a lot, whatever you do.
3. The authenticity. Because so few tourists go in, you still experience selfless friendliness in so many places.
4. The mosques. The most beautiful in the world. And so many of them.
5. The girls. Once you get it that practically all the women have long raven black hair under their head dresses, you realise that so many of the girls are extreme beauties. If only they had a soft porn Iranian girls channel somewhere.
6. The food. Avoid the kebabs and have the most delicious culinary experience. And the sweets are simply divine.
7. Transport. So cheap it will make you laugh and, particularly the trains, so comfortable it will make you weep with joy.
8. The size. So big and so diverse, it can keep you busy for months, with something new every day.
9. The history. As arguably the oldest civilization in the world, the Persians are are the root of the world as we know it today. And lots of this history can be experienced first hand.
10. The museums. Ranging from carpet museums to jewel museums to everything in between and more, you run out of visa before you run out of great museums.

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