You are always on my mind

You snooze, you win

Every new beginning is also a departure, a Janus-headed event.

With the clock ticking away, as always, there's so much to do and so little time. But there will be only one thing I'll miss.

Packing my stuff, Vlekje on multiple occasions tried to stow herself away in my backpack.


On Saturday, I attended another CMSH3 hash. The chapter's 863rd run. It was a bit of a party, as Superman celebrated his 800th run. In Chiang Mai. Something of a legend, he's been running since 1969, starting at the 4th oldest chapter in the world (but at a place I can't remember). The man has around 2500 hashes to his name.
For me, having hashed since 2001, my hash count is probably only just a bit over 100.


We managed to come in second on this Monday's quiz at Tusker's. That's unheard of! And there were even more than two teams!

On eating

I have read on multiple occasions that it's considered rude to eat with a fork in Thailand. Particularly the part when you stick the fork in your mouth.
The cheapest noodle buckets, just add hot water, come with a fork.

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