When the food is good…

Gone, another day of hard work and it was time to relax. Giovanni, Lef and I decided to have dinner at Mediteraneo. We were not successful; the place has shut its doors.
Overshadowed by this loss, we had to come up with an alternative so we hopped over to the Mustafa hotel, where beers cost a friggin’ 4 dollars and drunken American contractors were loudly complaining about the problems they were encountering in this country. Now, I don’t say they deserve the scorn of the world, but… Well, actually, I do.
Notwithstanding, to make things right, we had free Thai buffet and as many games of pool we could play. The food was great and our qualities at the pool table weren’t.
Zorro could not have played with more stealth. Giovanni had some cool moves up his sleeve, but Lev and I would have made a blinded cripple ashamed of our stunts.
On to paying the tab, we were positively surprised, once more: Mustafa gave us a 33% discount. Home we went. Towards another evening without electricity.

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