Weekly quiz nights in Freetown at O’Casey Blues Bar

Starting tomorrow, Thursday November 11, myself and Eva Kirch will host a weekly quiz night at the O'Casey Blues Bar in Aberdeen in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Six, or so, rounds of ten, or so, questions, including a picture round and a music round.
Entrance fee will be 5000 Leones per person. Prizes are to be won. Star is on tap.

I'm working on a website for everyone to keep track of both the scores and past questions. 

On a related note, 'blue', in Krio, the language spoken by 97% of Sierra Leoneans, means 'sex'. A fine bar indeed. 

Update: The winners were the Pipe Liners, with half a point difference over the St. Pauli All Stars. The turnout of about 30 was, given the rather short notice, excellent.

O'Casey quiz night | 2010.11.11

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