Under construction

Like a spaceship

Baha'i have a knack for building pretty temples in gorgeous locations. It's taken them a while to get the numbers up, with currently the 8th one being constructed in Santiago.
The South American temple, under construction and expected to be inaugurated next year, is situated in the foothills of an extension of the Andes, on the east side of Santiago. With gorgeous views of the city, the temple will be illuminated from the inside and, eventually, visible from large parts of the city.

After inauguration, the temple will be open to all, but, for now, visits need to be arranged in advance and can only be done on some weekends. I was lucky, though at the moment, even on a tour, getting very close to the temple is an impossibility.
As a consequence, it's difficult to appreciate the scale of the temple and the grounds, both seemingly giving a nod to the rather gorgeous Baha'i temple in Delhi.

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