Two national parks and some mountains

Niamh's parents visited, which for them, having never ventured further than Spain and seldom having crossed the Irish Sea, was quite a big thing. So, we visited lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, winding down in Fort Portal, in a 1000km circular trek from and to Kampala.

Lion was seen, as was hyena, too many bucks to count, elephants, buffalo, hippos and much more. And expensive lodges were experienced, including a lunch at the spectacularly located Kyaninga.

In Queen Elizabeth, we saw both lake George and lake Edward, south of lake Albert, which is a stopping point for the Nile's waters on the way to the Mediterranean. Lake George, through the Kazinga channel (not man-made) empties in lake Edward, which, through the surprisingly small Semliki river which starts in the DRC, empties in lake Albert, which empties in the Nile.
This means that Ptolemy's claim that the Rwenzori, the Mountains of the Moon, are the source of the Nile, is surprisingly reasonable. Well, if you wouldn't be aware of the river flowing from lake Victoria into lake Albert.

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