Total ONIge!

Today, I managed to finish my first ONI. It’s a DDR thing, like a non-stop, but you’re only allowed to make three mistakes. Depending on the ONI, you get up to 10 songs in sequence where, on some occasions, you start again with the first song after finishing the last one. The ONI I finished was Naoki normal on DDR Extreme, where six songs saw me step around for a consecutive 8 minutes, 34 seconds and 50 hundredths of a second.

A newspaper interview

Yesterday, Ismail and I were interviewed by Elles van Gelder, a stringer for the new and free Dutch daily DePers. The article is supposed to be in the paper tomorrow (Friday the 21st).

Some published pictures

Also, some of my photographs were recently included in the Schmap Budapest guide.

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