The food critic

Perhaps I’ve not been posting much recently because, at last, I’ve become boring. Or, perhaps, there simply a temporary lull in my otherwise interesting (ahem) life. No trips, no events, no new projects. Be gone, you domesticating influence! Or it’s simply because internet hasn’t been working from home for the last seven days.

Recently, I had a superb curry at Geet, in Pretoria, a great Turkish dinner at Ala Turka in Centurion and a reasonable Greek experience at The Greek Easy Ouzaria, all with Rouzeh, but the best culinary experience in South Africa so far was last Friday at Doll House, a road house close to Houghton and Bramley. You drive up in your car, a huge menu is displayed on a billboard, and food is brought to you on a tray which is hung on the rolled down window of your car.
Ismail and I stopped by for a late night snack. The list of sandwiches included the ‘Popeye’. I asked what was in it and was told it had cheese, tomato and egg. Sounding decent and not being too hungry, I ordered one. When they brought in the food, the sandwich was humongous. it contained cheese, tomato and egg, but as a relish for what seemed a bucket of minced meat in between two toasted slices of bread.
Their banana milkshake, with real banana, exceptional in South Africa, was superb. Apparently, the road house has been going strong since at least 1949.

My project with SAfAIDS is slowly drawing to a close, at a mere two month delay. There might be a short stint in Thailand coming up. I might make it in time for Songkran.

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