This year, too, my hosting provider decided to give me a little present for my birthday. and through that,,, and several smaller addresses haven’t been available for several days.
This happened on Friday. Now, Tuesday, things are finally sorted out again. It seems it’s time to move to a different host.

Meanwhile, while I had nothing to do anyway, I tried out a nice program called jalbum and posted some old Veto photo albums online (since removed (September 2008)).


On Saturday, Betsy and I visited the small but nice intercultural festival ‘Nyama’ in Delft. Nyama means ‘meat’ in Shona. We had hoped to see Gamelan players do their thing, but we arrived too late, having hung around the house too long.


Also, on my birthday, I took a number of panorama pictures of Delft. I’ve been using several programs to put them together and it’s not all that easy.

And what’s this?

There’s a Babak street, in America. Find the exact location here.

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