We started the day with a bit of bad luck. Upon leaving the B&B, we noticed a flat tyre and Joost was so kind as to change the wheel. But not before wrecking the plastic strip which ran along the left bottom side of the vehicle.

After visiting Loch Lomond, Joost insisted on taking the scenic route to Prestwick airport. It has to be said, the route is beautiful, right along the western coast of Scotland.
On the other hand, it was a bit sad it also resulted in us missing our plane. We were put on standby for the next day’s flight to Brussels, which was fully booked to start with.

This, however, did give us time to get our tire fixed. If returned to Avis, we could have been charged as much as 100 pounds for a new tire. Now we only had to worry about the plastic strip Joost had wrecked.

We ended up in Glasgow, where the hostel we had stayed in on our first night still had some beds available. Joost, who never complained before about having to share a room with others on our trips, now made a point of getting a private room with Neha. Even tough it meant having to go to Glasgow, instead of Edinburgh. Then again, right after a Chinese buffet, they went to bed and slept before 9pm so they never saw anything of the city anyway.
Betsy and I stayed out and only stumbled into bed around 2am. Hey, if you’ve got an extra day of vacation, you have to make the best of it!

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