walk · listen · café: Online meetups on walking and sound art

Active project

walk · listen · create hosts walk · listen · café, a bi-weekly (once every two weeks) online meeting for creatives in the fields of walking and sound art. Every ‘café’ lasts between 1 and 2 hours, is headed by an expert introducing a particular topic, and followed by an open discussion on the topic at hand.
Online meetings are hosted through Jitsi. To cover expenses and provide a small gift for the expert, participation costs 3 euros.

walk · listen · create evolved from I am the Walker, an open platform for walking and sound artists, when I worked together with Geert Vermeire and Andrew Stuck to put together Sound Walk September 2019.
Now, with the limitations imposed on many, while preparing for Sound Walk September 2020, we identified the need of walking artists to still be able to somehow come together and discuss aspects of their work.

On April 28, 7pm BST, our first café will see Claudia Zeiske as host and Geert as moderator trying to define the difference between a pilgrimage and ‘just’ a long walk.
Claudia is the director of Deveron Projects in Huntly/Scotland, linking artists, people and place.

Our second café, on May 12, 8pm BST, will  have Tracey Benson as host and Geert revisiting his role as moderator. Here, Tracey will discuss eco-activism in the context of COVID-19.
Tracey is an artist / researcher based in Australia. Her work explores a range of media, often collaborating with indigenous communities, scientists, historians and technologists.

Come participate, tickets are available on the walk · listen · create website.

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